Community Catch Up: Kimley Foster


Many people are aware of the poor working conditions of the ‘sweat shops’ and clothing factories in China and Bangladesh, where images of the ‘underpaid’ and ‘overworked’ are common. Most shoppers efficiently wipe this from their mind and continue to shop where clothes are plentiful and cheap. Thankfully, this is slowly changing, with ethical clothing becoming readily available and affordable on the international market.Kimley Wildheart

Entry29 resident and entrepreneur Kimley Foster is one young entrepreneur driving this change. Based in Canberra, her clothing company Wildheart, is bursting with potential to expand into this niche new growth market.

Wildheart ethical leggingsFormerly a freelance marketer, Kim didn’t start on her career path as an entrepreneur. In June 2015, she embarked on a marketing tour in which she spent 12 months abroad, working in 12 different countries. A new country and new workplace every month was eye opening and absolutely exhausting. Halfway through, she took a month off where she joined an Ashram in Thailand and began the whirlwind journey that we know today as Wildheart. In the Ashram, Kim began researching the reality of ‘sweatshop’ factories and made it her mission to use her skills as a marketer to address the injustice and plight of the powerless, by creating a 100% ethically produced clothing brand. As she continued on her 12-month program, her idea developed and samples were sent to countries in all corners of the world. Wherever she went the feedback was positive – people loved her idea. Kim is the first to admit that it was not easy, but by breaking the process down and working on it consistently, she was able to successfully launch Wildheart in April 2016.

Wildheart 100% ethical leggingsWildheart 100% ethical leggings


Now back home in Canberra and fully operational, Kimley is putting her experiences from her time spent abroad to good use.



“The young vibe and comfort in being surrounded everyday by like-minded people who are all working and getting over similar hurdles in Entry29 has made the move back much more attractive”.

Kim hopes to grow Wildheart and actively promote the importance of ethically sourced clothes. It’s only the beginning for Wildheart and Kimley’s passion for what she does is contagious. Watch out for Wildheart as it continues to grow and work its way into your shopping bags!

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