Entry29 Startup Co-working Membership Infographic 2016

In the heart of Canberra, there is an office floor that is like many other offices but this particular office floor is special.

This floor is home to over 12 million dollars in invested capital.  The birth place of 85 new jobs, 75 amazing people, and 42 world changing startups! This is home of Entry29 Startup Co-working and it’s members.

Canberra is an amazing city with a booming startup ecosystem and we are very proud to present our latest membership infographic. If you have an idea or startup we have a community of like minded people and a fantastic co-working space for you! Until November if you are referred by an exisiting member you’ll save 20% off your membership! There is no better time to join.

Check out our latest Membership Infographic below!

Membership Infographic