What’s in a name? The story behind ‘Entry29’

The story behind the Entry29 Name

A question we’re often asked is ‘where did the Entry29 name come from?’

You probably know that Walter Burley Griffin was the lead designer for  the city of Canberra. He collaborated with his wife Marion, an architect, and won the Federal Capital Design Competition in May 1911. Griffin was the 29th entrant to the competition. Our name is in reference to this piece of Canberra history.

Griffin’s plans laid out the foundation for our physical home. In the same way, we believe Entry 29 can play a role in layout of Canberra’s startup ecosystem. Our name is a connection between the city’s history and nascent digital future. The Entry29 name is one that reflects both the start-up community and the people that make it up.

You can read more about Griffin’s entry here, including the 1917 Royal Commission into the slow progress of construction. Rest assured, we’re moving much faster 🙂